Hair are your aerials! – My story of Haircutting difficulties
My 4-year-old son has been prepared for the arrival of the hairdresser and his behaviour has convinced me this new method of haircuts might actually work!
Read our Evaluation of Impact Report
Please click on the below link to read 'Impact Evaluation of the NAS Furness BrainChild Project. EVALUATION OF IMPACT for[...]
Co-operation improved – ASD, CPLD (aged 7 years)
'The programme has made home life a lot more pleasant for all my family and my son' - Mum
If you’re a special needs parent, is it selfish to have more kids? my response
I was just reading a post on linked in from another blogger called about having more children if you[...]
Would you knowingly give your child a poison to drink on a regular basis? Of course not, but you may, unknowingly, be doing just that.
How long did it take to get help for your child?
How long did it take to get help for your child? The  Care Quality  Commission The recent study by the[...]