Delivery Policy

EBO for Schools

Brainchild Developmental Program provides EBO for schools as an online streamed learning package with email support documents and a single mailed package.


Orders for clothing are made by the school direct to the supplier by arrangement.

Online email delivery

If you have entered into the Agreement through our website, then you have the right to cancel within seven working days from the payment date. However, you will waive that right, if you choose to start the streamed course. Delivery of the supporting documentation by email is available on completion of the registration, payment and order of clothing and the seven day right to cancel period. For further details refer to the Terms and Conditions document.

The Program is designed to begin streamed delivery in September at the start of the autumn term. Processed payment is required by the end of the summer term.

If you wish to start the program at a different time, please contact us to discuss.

Email Support

Brainchild Developmental Program Limited provides supporting documentation for the Online Packages. It is provided by email, normally  2 weeks before the end of the summer term or within 7  days of payment online, if that date has passed.

Shipped items

Items required for the EBO modules are shipped by mail and are normally processed within one week of payment online for the Online Package . A signature is required for the receipt of the delivery.

Currently,  postage is included in the package cost. We reserve the right to change this arrangement.

Customers should contact if they have any queries about delivery of the online package, the support email or shipped goods.

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