The BrainChild Developmental Program

What is it?

The Brainchild Developmental Program is a highly specific collection of active developmental movements and games that children love. They work on the immature brain and help to change the presenting problems. Although the program is complex and has been carefully designed, the children just think it’s play and find it lots of fun.

​Alongside the activities, parents and carers are taught to use “hands-on” techniques to assist sensory integration and infant reflex integration.

Brainchild’s focus is on Infant Reflex integration and has been developed for children with challenges to learning, in the widest sense of the word, not just academic learning.

What does the Brainchild Developmental Program do?

  1. It helps parents to understand why their child is behaving in a particular way and shows them how they can help their child.
  2. It identifies and addresses the issues, working towards improving functioning of the whole child.
  3. It works on infant reflexes that are persisting and affecting specific aspects of development, for example:
  • The three infant reflexes on the hands that can persist from the baby stage. These can make writing difficult and cause children to avoid writing and even become disruptive or unco-operative. They can also affect gross motor development and communication and self-help activities such as dressing.
  • The moro reflex that produces the stress hormone,cortisol,  and can show as anxiety, fears, controlling and obsessive behaviours and more. A key feature is a sense of overwhelm.
  • Spinal reflexes on the back that can show as poor attention, hyperactivity, anxiety and/or bedwetting and more.

We see improvements in schoolwork, sports, friendships, attitudes, confidence and behaviour. Even things like tremors and physical asymmetries disappear.

However the most obvious, most important outcome is that the child is happier and so the whole family is happier (not to mention teachers at school).

We are here to help

So if a child has problems with schoolwork … or making friends … or keeping calm … or just managing life in general, the Brainchild Developmental Program could help.

If any of this has struck a chord with you and you want to help your child, take action today. Release your child to enjoy life.

If you have concerns about your baby’s or toddler’s development we can help you. Babies with cerebral palsy diagnoses can benefit- the younger the better.