Terms & Conditions of your Agreement with Brainchild Developmental Program Limited

The provision of the EBO for Schools Program and EBO Home Program


The licence is a legally binding contract. Please therefore read the following terms and conditions carefully. You will be required to sign a licence agreement.


In order to help you fully understand the terms and conditions, we have created this section.

AGREEMENT: Your contract with Brainchild Developmental Program.

PARTIES: This contract is between the person paying and carrying out the program and BrainChild Developmental Program.

CHILDREN: The young people that the EBO for Schools program and EBO Home is designed for.


The Licence begins on the date that you tick the on-screen box confirming that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms & Conditions and after full payment has cleared. It ends upon delivery of the final level of your on-line learning package.

The Licence begins on the date that you tick the on-screen box confirming that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms & Conditions and after full payment has cleared. It ends upon delivery of the final level of your on-line learning package or the licence expires.

Our Obligations:

  • We will use all reasonable skill and care to provide our services.
  • We will provide you with instruction upon how to deliver the activities effectively.
  • The animated program will demonstrate the activities to you that you will carry out with the child/children.
  • We will provide you with guidance from a fully qualified physiotherapist, pilates instructor and ergonomic specialist, on how to protect your body from injury whilst performing the activities.

Your Obligations:

  • You will follow the licence agreement.
  • You will ensure that you have a fully working internet connection, computer and system in order to receive and use the streamed sessions..
  • You will not share with anyone or allow anyone else to copy or access materials on paper or on-line.
  • You will not teach or show anyone else any of the activities that you have been shown with the intention of their use.
  • You will not share with anyone else outside your setting the EBO for schools program you have learned from Brainchild Developmental Program.
  • You will be responsible for ensuring that you and your pupils or child are physically, mentally and emotionally capable of taking part without causing or incurring any injury or harm.
  • You will ensure your children or child are supervised at all times when undertaking the activities.
  • You agree to carry out the activities given to you by BrainChild Developmental Program Limited  in the specified quantities.
  • You will use the learning package solely with the child/children whose details were provided for the agreement.
  • You will follow the recommendations of usage to optimise learning..
  • You will ensure that any equipment given to you is used solely for the purpose of carrying out the demonstrated activities and is removed from the children as soon as the activity has been completed.
  • You will either adopt the advice given on safeguarding and health and safety to be your own or develop your own policy.


  • The cost of EBO for Schools is available when you contact us.
  • Discounts are available only as stated on the website, for the time periods stated. Payment must be processed within the dates stated for the discount.
  • Payment is to be made via Placing an Order, by invoice,  or online payment  or other agreed method.

Your Right to Cancel:

If you have entered into this Agreement through our website, then you have the right to cancel within seven working days from the payment date. However, you will waive that right, if you choose to start the course.


If you have any complaints or should you wish to cancel this Agreement, please write to us at the following address: BrainChild Developmental Program Limited, The Green. Frostrow Lane. Sedbergh. Cumbria. LA10 5JS. England.

Intellectual Property Rights:

  • See Copyright information.
  • All Intellectual Property Rights of this package are owned by BrainChild Developmental Program.
  • We provide you access via a licence during the duration of your Agreement with BrainChild Developmental Program.
  • When your Agreement with BrainChild Developmental Program ends, your licence terminates automatically.

Our Liability:

  • We do not and cannot offer an absolute guarantee of success. Success varies from person to person. It also relies on the accuracy and frequency of delivery of the program as instructed.
  • We agree to provide you with experienced tuition on activities in return for your payment.
  • We recommend EBO for Schools for Y1, Y2, Y3 and Y4 age-groups. Schools that choose to use the program with other year groups do so with that knowledge. It has been used successfully up to Y7.

Data Protection:

We will comply with the Data Protection Act 2018. Your personal information is stored for our professional use only. We will not sell your information to any third party.

Research Data:

  • Recorded client data could help to identify the causes of developmental delay in children. This in turn could inform the early treatment of babies. When you are asked to confirm the licence with BrainChild Developmental Program you will be asked if you agree to your pupils data being used for research.
  • Children will not be named in the data. The data will be coded with a number in statistical analyses and your child will not be identifiable.
  • We will respect your wishes.


We may terminate the Agreement at any time if we do not receive full payment or if you have breached any of the Terms & Conditions of your Brainchild Developmental Program Agreement.

Force Majeure:

We shall not be liable to you, if we are prevented from providing our services, by events beyond our control such as failure of a utility, internet, strikes, industrial disputes, acts of God, wars, riots, fire, flood or storm.

Rights of Third Parties:

We are not liable for any loss or damage occurring through unauthorised use of this package by a third party.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction:

Any dispute or claim arising from your Agreement with BrainChild Developmental Program and/or its Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the Law of England and Wales. The Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute.


Currently, we do not recommend the on-line program for use with children with Down’s Syndrome due to the variable guidance given by the medical profession regarding the potential spinal differences. Schools should seek an opinion from the child’s doctor in these cases.

Program Content

  • As detailed on the website https://brainchild.org.uk and https://ebo.org.uk