Meet our collaboration of therapists

  • Viv Hailwood: Neurodevelopmental specialist, Founder of The BrainChild Developmental Program, EBO for Schools, and EBO Home.

B.Sc. Speech and Language, M.Sc. in Educational Research, PGCE, Educational Kinesiology Consultant, EFT consultant, Laban Community Dance teacher,

Rhythmic gymnastic coach, former primary and specialist teacher, and headteacher.


  • Lou Hufton: BrainChild neuro- developmental practitioner, Dyslexia assessor, Farmlife experience provider.
  • Nina Walkingshaw: Chartered Physiotherapist, Occupational Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor.
  • Dieter Gringinger: Optometrist
  • Diana Crewdson:  Auditory processing specialist, Speech and language therapist, Dyslexia and ADHD assessor
  • Madi Dodd: Chartered Physiotherapist, Buteyko Practitioner, Reflexologist
  • Shaar Dixon: Nutritional Medicine, Nutritional Therapeutics, Sports Science, Genotype Testing, Neutrogenics Practitioner
  • Luke Ramsay: Chiropractor, postgraduate teacher in Sacro-occipital technique


  • Gillon Hailwood: Technical Creator,  Video game developer, Website creator, Media and Technical designer, music and sound production.
  • Jason Cooper, Maisie Hailwood, Theo Hailwood, Gillon Hailwood, Angharad Davison, Viv Hailwood: Voiceover.
  • Barnaby, Beau, Esme, Sadie Walkingshaw, Maisie Hailwood: Models
  • Ernie Hailwood: P.A.,  Proof reader. Excellent chef for course lunches and ready to help with everything else!