Helping you to help children with neuro-developmental issues.

Viv Hailwood
Founder of the Brainchild Developmental Program

What is BrainChild and Why Does it Work?

Parents are often concerned when their child excels in some areas of development while struggling with the simplest of tasks. A child may be achieving at a high level in school subjects yet cannot use a knife and fork, or can excel at sport but finds reading difficult. Many are worried by a child’s reluctance to write when they have good language skills and imagination or have irrational meltdowns and aggression when they are generally sensitive and caring.

These confusing patterns relate to the persistence of early brain development that is still active. Each of the above issues relate to different primitive infant reflexes that are present before the baby is born. They should have faded into the background in the baby’s first year but many do not.

The child cannot control it! It is not their fault.

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What can we help?

We work on the underlying neuro-development to allow maturation of brain function.

This can achieve positive change in issues as diverse as meltdowns, aggression, poor coordination, frustration, bedwetting, slow processing, low self-esteem, anxiety, reading, writing, social interaction and more.

Early brain development before birth and during the first year of life is crucial to a child’s future.  Using our non-intrusive, developmental intervention it is possible to unlock the limitations from this period to allow efficient functioning for all aspects of life.

What do we do?

We help you to learn how to help your child to change. We provide their own tailored, lively, learning program that children (and parents) love. The hands-on and active games seem like play.

Why does it work?

It works on the underlying neuro-developmental problem, helping your child’s brain to mature.

The specific neuro-developmental impact can be profound, releasing your child from their limitations, for good.