Helping you to help children with neuro-developmental issues.

Viv Hailwood
Founder of the Brainchild Developmental Program

The BrainChild Developmental Program was founded in January 2005 in the UK, following a 4 year development and evaluation period in schools.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the importance of early development in babies and give children with neurodevelopmental issues a second chance to be released from their limitations. provides:

Bespoke programs for individual children with developmental diagnoses or undiagnosed issues in partnership with their families. These can be accessed by referral or privately.

Training programs for professionals working with expectant mothers, babies and children. This includes teachers, social workers, health visitors,  therapists, such as occupational, speech and language, physiotherapists,  adoption and fostering specialists.

In house staff training to meet the requirements of the organisation relating to their provision, age range and desired outcomes.

Access can be on site or online .

EBO for Schools  – Enhancing Brain Organisation

Training videos included.

This streamed program for schools and groups combines an exciting video game- style storyline that inspires the developmental energetic activities. It seems like play, but is designed to help children with developmental issues to change and thrive, making life and learning easier.

Because it works at the foundation level of brain development it is ideal for classes with a mix of diagnoses and learning and behavioural issues.

EBO is also suitable for delivery to child and parent groups and youth groups by a professional.





For my school

EBO for SchoolsEnhancing Brain Organisation is a neurodevelopmental program that seems like play. Driven by a streamed video-game-style storyline, that inspires the children in their energetic activities it helps their brains to mature.


What can we help?

We work on the underlying neuro-development to allow maturation of brain function.

This can achieve positive change in issues as diverse as meltdowns, aggression, poor coordination, frustration, bedwetting, slow processing, low self-esteem, anxiety, reading, writing, social interaction and more.

Early brain development before birth and during the first year of life is crucial to a child’s future.  Using our non-intrusive, developmental intervention it is possible to unlock the limitations from this period to allow efficient functioning for all aspects of life.

What do we do?

We help you to learn how to help your child to change. We provide their own tailored, lively, learning program that children (and parents) love. The hands-on and active games seem like play.

Why does it work?

It works on the underlying neuro-developmental problem, helping your child’s brain to mature. Movement is the key.

The specific neuro-developmental impact can be profound, releasing your child from their limitations, for good.