Placing an order

We are happy to accept orders from Schools, Multi-Academy Trusts, Groups, Council Sectors and National Charities.

You can send an official purchase order by placing the order online, using the form below or via email.

Placing an order is an acceptance of our Delivery Policy.

Order online securely

To place your order online simply complete the form below. Enter your Purchase order/ Invoice option and your contact information. No card payment details will be required.

    Your annual license and program will start on 1st September.

    If you would like a different month, please state here:

    We will confirm your order and send further details.

    Alternatively, send the order by email.

    We will need the following from you in order to process your order:

    1. An attached document for printing off your official purchase order.
    2. Your order must have a purchase order number.
    3. Alternatively send a request for an invoice.
    4. The school or organisation details, including address.
    5. A contact name for delivery and accounts.
    6. A contact telephone number for the delivery.
    7. Contact email address to confirm the order and dispatch.

    The email address to send this is:

    Setting up a supplier

    BrainChild Developmental Program Limited can be placed on Local authority systems in the UK.  If you require more details to add us to your  local authority system, please email and we would be delighted to send over all required details.

    I have more questions

    Please contact us if you have any further questions.