What does EBO for Schools offer?


Energetic action with a serious purpose.

EBO for Schools in action           EBO for Schools Enhancing Brain Organisation


Through the streamed EBO for Schools primary program, you will:

  • Begin with video-guided training for your staff, developing an understanding of how immaturities of a child’s brain can result in a struggle to cope, also leading to avoidance behaviour, frustration or withdrawal.
  • Learn what to do about it, through this easy-to-use active program that follows the developmental needs of the children.
  • Enhance wellbeing, by developing strategies to address this issue from day one.
  • Raise pupils’ learning capability by working on their underlying neuro-development.
  • Engage pupils, as each step leads the children through an exciting game-style storyline, with virtual positive reinforcement built in, creating a supportive learning strategy for challenged learners.
  • Develop interpersonal relationships, through collaborative team and partner work, assisting bonding and calming.
  • Boost physical development, at the appropriate neuro-developmental level, providing part of their daily exercise, with highly specific, energetic action with a serious purpose.
  • Utilise funding more widely,  EBO for Schools meets the requirements of Pupil Premium, PE and Sports Premium and Catch up funding.
  • Achieve happy, engaged, motivated children. Because it’s also fun!

Teachers report that, each session, the children “Can’t wait to get started!”

Now is the time to act, in preparation for a September start. Our current offer to a group of 3 or more schools provides 20% discount for each school.

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