Enhancing Brain Organisation

Lots of fun, with a serious purpose.

A unique approach to applying our 1-to-1 success since 2005,

This neurodevelopmental intervention gives young brains a second chance. The therapeutic program works at the foundation level of brain development, making life and learning easier.

Its game-style videos inspire, motivate and teach through the animated storyline. Action-packed, neurodevelopmental, energetic collaboration. Children and teachers love it!

Positive outcomes .  Brain maturation achieves age-appropriate behaviours, improved learning capability and a boost to wellbeing.

It's not only support and management. It creates change.

Let's take a look.

The video will only take a minute to watch!

Illustration of EBO for Schools characters.

Making learning seem like play

EBO for Schools - the innovative neurodevelopmental program, designed to create positive change for the children in your school.

To enhance neurodevelopment, we believe learning:

  • has to be fun.
  • should be systematic and thorough
  • uses physical and sensory activity.

EBO is a progressive program that seems like play but can create positive lifelong change for primary-aged children, not only those with neurodevelopmental diagnoses…..


Access for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

With the creation of EBO for Schools, we have now fulfilled our mission to extend availability of our programs to many more children.


EBO for Schools has been created to inspire, excite and motivate  children and provide a vehicle for positive change. Entertaining, but with a serious purpose.


EBO for Schools is delivered as a comprehensive, licenced, streamed program over the school year. Available anytime, anywhere.


Soon you will be able to find out more about EBO for Schools and EBO Home, on the new EBO website.


Neurodevelopment = the process of development of pathways in the brain that influence performance or functioning.


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