Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we have several year groups following the program at the same time?

A: This will depend on the size of your school and the number of classes in each year group. We usually recommend up to 3 classes at the same time because you are likely to need to use the hall daily for a 20 minute practice period. If you are able to fit more than this into your hall timetable or have the luxury of two halls or adaptable spaces with a hard floor, more classes could be added.

Q: Will some children find some activities difficult and others easier?

A: Yes. Exactly. This is because different reflexes relate to the exercises and games. Children will have different reflex profiles (different combinations of persisting reflexes.) The simple observation and recording process will help to track their progress.

Q: Can the program be used for groups of children with identified special needs?

A: Yes. This is often an option that is easy to organise.

The children already in groups receiving additional help for academic subjects or in nurture groups will benefit greatly. The only drawback is that there will be many more children in your classes who would benefit in other, maybe more subtle ways, who will not receive the neuro-developmental input.

Q: Can there be a mix of whole class and groups?

A: Some schools  have found that they can use their two PE sessions to introduce EBO for Schools and continue practice competition sessions with the whole class. They then use three 20 minute sessions with a selected small group on the other days. This does work easily.

However, there will be children not included in the small groups that need 5 sessions a week. This can compromise the effectiveness for those children.

Whole class involvement is the most effective option.

Q: Why are overalls recommended?

A: They cover the elbows and knees. This is needed for protection, because many of the exercises are on the floor. The schools have found them invaluable for daily practice, because they can be put on over clothing easily. It enables them to have a 20 minute session timed from leaving the classroom and arriving back.

They also keep the children clean!

Q: Can an experienced Teaching Assistant run the sessions?

A: This can be an efficient way of using EBO for Schools. Their preparation and familiarity with the activities can be used across several classes and any selection of children for extra learning sessions can be combined if planned for each level. (Covid bubbles considered)