Dyslexic bored boy My child is struggling with reading, spelling and writing. Can you help?

Dyslexia is a label for a collection of processing issues, usually connected with reading, spelling and writing. It is a developmental diagnosis and considered a specific learning difficulty.  We do not provide the diagnosis, but we do help you to help your child to make positive change in their processing and ability to learn.

If your child has a diagnosis of dyslexia, there are likely to be other issues associated that you may not have realised were connected. Many parents seek a dyslexia diagnosis for their child and are subsequently referred to us because they have a broader range of developmental difficulties. Often dyslexic and dyspraxic  difficulties co-occur.

Our assessment informs your child’s program

We will assess your child for the underlying difficulties. There are infant reflexes persisting from babyhood that can affect the complex processing needed for schoolwork. A tailored program will be developed to help your child to be released to process more easily and achieve in school …..and more.

If you would like a diagnosis and detailed report, contact the Dyslexia Association. Diana Crewdson at SCUDA,Kendal, Cumbria is your contact if you live in the north of England or southern Scotland. Some schools are able to provide diagnostic testing.

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