Adult Dyslexia

Quote: You are never too old to be helped by BrainChild

An adult’s perspective……

Prior to becoming involved with the BrainChild programme as an adult, I found myself struggling in many day-to-day situations in various aspects of my life e.g. work, home and personally.
I started the BrainChild programme after meeting Viv Hailwood at a presentation event where I learnt the benefits of the programme for children and adults with learning or additional needs i.e. ADD, autism, dyslexia, Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD etc.

Dyslexia Assessment

In 1998/9 I had an assessment for dyslexia and another work-based assessment that linked some issues with attention deficit disorder.  Once diagnosed I received little support or information on what to do next – I initially felt that I had to just get on and live with these difficulties as I hadn’t come across any support service that could help me come to terms with or tackle these issues – until I heard about BrainChild.

My difficulties

Some of the difficulties I was experiencing included: mind organisation, low self-esteem and self-confidence, low concentration and attention span, poor coordination, communication problems such as presenting ideas or concepts, expressing new information, limited vocabulary, concentrated listening, retaining information, handwriting, shyness, thought into speech or writing, tension, isolating myself. Working through the programme enabled myself and Viv to realise that some of these issues correlated to early childhood situations.

I enjoyed the programme. Viv has a warm, calming and fun approach which suits adults and children alike. The exercises were enjoyable and broken-down into an easy-to-follow format. The programme was tailor-made to suit my needs. We followed a step-by-step plan over a number of months focusing on a couple of reflexes at a time. I thoroughly enjoyed all the exercises and particularly found the tactile therapy soothing and relaxing (I could do with some more of that!!).


I noticed improvements very early on e.g. better coordination whilst driving, better concentration. Viv also helped me to come to terms with some early childhood issues around attachment and bonding with parents. This was very significant for me, as most reflexes should integrate within the first years of a child’s life. I felt the programme impacted hugely on a personal level and there were some life-changing realisations.  Some of the improvements are obvious, however, others may go unnoticed as the body automatically adjusts to them as if they were always there.

My thoughts

What achievements am I most happy about? All of it!! I’m happy that I’ve worked through most of the programme. I still do some of the exercises on a regular basis. I didn’t have any expectations and tended to ‘go with the flow’.

Thank you Viv for coming into my life – I couldn’t have done it without you!!!