The BrainChild Approach

How could problems with infant reflexes affect your child?

Infant reflexes that persist past the first birthday could prevent your child from being able to function at an age-appropriate level in all, or some areas of their life. Also, a child with these issues would find life very tiring. So, it’s not surprising if emotional reactions are part of the picture. The more complex the reflex profile (the collection of persisting reflexes) – the more complex the presenting problems. The diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder reflects complex behavioural expressions of a complex reflex profile.

The infant reflexes also relate to sensory integration. As a consequence, the child may have sensory issues too, such as sensitivities to touch, textures, sound, light or foods, or difficulties with balance, co-ordination and poor motor planning.

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How can we help you to help your child?

The BrainChild Developmental Program can achieve positive change for your child and your family, using physical and hands-on developmental integration activities. Parents find the playful and relaxing activities are bonding and fun. Often the whole family joins in!

The assessment – 4 hours

Your child’s assessment provides the information that feeds directly into your child’s individual program. You will be with your child throughout. I will fully explain the findings and you will have plenty of time to ask questions.

Learning the activities.

You will learn your first set of activities at the assessment session. Your child’s program with be designed fully before your next visit.

Follow up visits

The program is active and hands-on. You will visits at 3-4 week intervals to be monitored and receive new activities from your child’s program. Practicing these daily will allow your child’s brain to re-adjust.

Your child may have a developmental diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s or Developmental Delay for example , an attention disorder of ADD or ADHD or a specific learning difficulty, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia or Language Delay.


Your child may simply find life difficult, exhausting or demoralizing, without any specific diagnosis having been made.

At BrainChild, we are concerned with the effects of such issues on your child’s development, learning and all aspects of their life……..and yours.

The Program is designed to help you to help your child overcome these problems, using sequences of specific natural movements in a program prepared specifically for your child, based on the assessments.

Parents’ stories tell about their children’s success.

You can use the checklist for Developmental Difficulties to find if your child has developmental issues that could be helped by Brainchild.