Sue Watson


I originally trained as a chartered physiotherapist over 30 years ago, of which 20 years have been enriched with integrating craniosacral therapy (CST) into my practice

Latterly,  my work has moved more towards CST being the main focus, enhanced by the wider experience of understanding movement, sensory integration and the emotional effects of living with a challenge.

CST can offer a subtle yet profound way of helping release restrictions, sooth and settle the nervous system thereby offering balance to other systems of the body – regularly improving sleep, sense of calm and regulation of the immune and gut responses.  I find by addressing the trauma and stress patterns that can define our behaviour, CST is an excellent precursor to the work of other professionals by calming mind and body ready for action.

Qualifications include – Chartered Physiotherapist (HCPC registered), Certificate/Advanced level Upledger Craniosacral therapist, and a Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.  Post Grad trainings related to children have been undertaken with Upledger Institute and with Lolly Dadley-Moore of Body Intelligence.