Program Structure – EBO for Schools

EBO for Schools is delivered as a comprehensive, licenced, streamed program over the school year. Available anytime, anywhere.

A: Staff training videos are an important element of the program, ideal for whole-staff training to raise awareness and understand how the program can impact on a child. These videos cover:

  1. Why children behave as they do.
  2.  EBO for Schools training.

It’s not all sitting watching!!

B: An illustrated and informative Teacher’s Manual is provided, to support teaching and learning, and to enhance each teacher’s observation and teaching skills.

Each teacher or HLTA is fully supported in this way.

C: The Program Delivery

The digital format (videos and interactive scoreboards)

  1. Introductory video (10 minutes)
  2. Wellbeing sessions in the classroom
  3. Levels 1-4 each level a minimum of 6-8 weeks.
  4. Level 5, competitive level.

A few minutes of video develop each step in the storyline and support the learning of each physical activity within each of the levels. All are carefully designed to achieve neurodevelopmental progress, motivating the children through the use of the creative story-line and character development and real-time game scoring and virtual medals.

The classroom activities and levels each take a minimum of 5 weeks. The program is streamed for viewing and, after the classroom activities, take part in the school hall or similar space.

The partner and team activities encourage collaboration. Impressive teamwork has been observed and teachers report that their class works increasingly co-operatively, with greater awareness of others and more considerate behaviour at all times.

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