How does it work?

EBO for Schools has been created to inspire, excite and motivate  children and provide a vehicle for positive change. Entertaining, but with a serious purpose.

EBO works at the foundation level of  human neurodevelopment to enhance a child’s learning capability, achieve age-appropriate behaviour and improve wellbeing.

Limitations dating from before birth and into babyhood are the main focus for EBO. They need to fade into the background to allow the brain to mature.

Q: How does it work?

A: Specific movement and sensory experiences that help the problem reflexes fade into the background.

The Problem

  • Early brain development in utero, that is at a primitive reflex level, can persist.
  • This can disrupt the natural course of brain maturation and show in a child’s functioning and behaviours.
  • This neurodevelopmental effect can be lifelong.

Imagine being a school child with brain development designed for a baby! Not easy!

The Solution

Integration of the primitive infant reflexes = maturation of processing in the brain.

  • Resolve the disruption.
  • The infant reflexes need to be integrated, to be encouraged to fade into the background, thus allowing higher level functioning to take over.
  • EBO is designed to release these children to be able to process information efficiently, to generalise and apply their learning, and make real progress into the future.

You may like to read about the primitive infant reflexes or use the simple Neurodevelopmental Screening tool to check some of the neurodevelopmental features of the children in your school.