Level 1 Course

BC Level 1 – Integrating The Key Infant Reflexes.

Pre-requisite: Professional qualification. Foundation course (BCF) and completed and approved assessments (4)

The One-to-one Program – a hands-on program for professionals. This course enables professionals to teach parents how to help their children with the BrainChild Developmental Program.

Course Content

24 hours: Two day course provision at BrainChild, LA10 5JS, 8 hours online and online support for case study supervision.

  • This  course provides professionals with the knowledge and skills to plan a bespoke program, manage, support and deliver to the families of children who may benefit from the Brainchild Developmental Program. The program is specifically designed to provide the integration of early brain development that is the foundation for a child’s ability to learn, in the widest sense of the word. Although the programs have a serious purpose, children experience it as imaginative, active and fun.
  • The course is designed to provide an understanding of the process of integration through the BrainChild Developmental Program. There is a balance of theory and practical.
  • We will review the relationship between infant reflex issues and behaviour and  the impact of very early experience on communication, focus and attention, social interaction and awareness, anxiety, fears and obsessions, aggression, hostility and impatience, learning, sensory integration, health and physical impact, bonding, happiness and self-esteem.
  • An additional workshop is available to develop clinical practice skills and steps to set up a practice.

Level 2 – Extension courses for our online animated programs.

Pre-requisite: Foundation course (BCF), BC Level 1, completion of BC Level 1, insurance and a minimum of 6 months experience using the BrainChild Developmental Program.

Associate membership of BrainChild Developmental Program.

EBO HOME – training to provide support for families using the online program.

EBO for SCHOOLS – training to provide support for Schools.

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