Why I have so many pictures of unusual items…

Problems letting things go…..

I remember the time when change would be impossible to manage with my son. A new car, a new duvet, a new bed, a new TV would all initiate some pretty traumatic, extreme behaviour. We became quite sneaky and would try to make the changes late at night, whilst distracting J with sweets, when one of us was at home alone or whilst J was watching TV. None of these techniques really worked and he would always work it out eventually! As he started to grow up J came up with his own solution to this problem which was to take photos of the offending item!​

I just found a whole series of photos of our old microwave with detailed close ups of every aspect of it from the plug through to the scratches on the side panel. We soon learnt that if he took photos of things he would not have the trauma associated with losing them.

The odd thing is that he has never asked to look at the pictures again so they remain on my hard drive as a reminder of the quirkiness of my beautiful son and his adaptation to loss! This is an example of how his new found awareness of his own needs led him to sort his own solution to a problem.