Struggling with schoolwork and more….ASD, CLD (9 years old)

‘Probably the most noticeable improvement has been in his schoolwork. It’s excellent! Such a big improvement. It’s really good! He thinks it’s really good!’ – Mum

His mum talks about the impact of the Brainchild child and parent program on her son.

  • He didn’t use to be able to verbalize feelings. We didn’t know what the problem was. Now we do.
  • Improved concentration
  • Organizational skills have improved. He can now get out his own clothes and get dressed and make his own bed. He is much less forgetful.
  • Retention of spellings has improved. Eg 8/10 rather than 3/10 and now age – appropriate.
  • Reading is good. He is making good progress at school. Reading is more fluent.
  • He has good ideas and better imagination for his stories. Home work is completed more quickly and with no fuss. Easier writing.
  • He works hard with great application. Perseveres.
  • Processing is speedier.
  • Creative thinking has improved.
  • He now verbalizes his reasoning showing that he understands cause and effect.

And the physical and social changes were as exciting for him and his family….

Further reading see Brainchild Impact of Evaluation Report