Social Work and Brainchild

Some feedback from a social worker following the Foundation and BC1 training.  She is now putting it all into practice to help more children. Now that really makes me happy! 

Viv Hailwood

I wanted to update re a wee lad and another I’ve been doing the program with….10 weeks on and he is making huge progress, what I especially note is his ‘balance’ issues are correcting, his head which fell to one side more prominently with a weakness is righting itself slowly but surely –  a steady improvement. He was completely unable to bear touch, and now loves touch, and can even bear his feet being touched, so much so that I will be moving on towards the Babinski. He is more ‘calm’.

This wee lad’s problems stem from severe neglect and abuse and his carer is highly committed to this program and I would highly recommend this for these children to whom trust, touch , love and care has never come easily.

….for another wee one I sense an improvement in his self esteem and confidence, and I’m hoping school may feedback progress soon too with writing skills etc as his fine motor skills are developing further now and he holds a pencil better…..great work, thanks Viv Hailwood.

I’m starting the program with another two wee boys and will update over next 3 months , just wanted to share this joy , as for these kiddies it really is such a joy to see them making progress and the main thing being THEY notice it too…one of them gets so excited to show me how he can do the exercises better now than when we started, it’s just lovely to see such smiles and enthusiasm from the kiddies themselves x – Sharon Daly