Released to learn – Aspergers Syndrome son (12 years old)

‘He enjoyed coming and he was sad that the sessions had finished. He liked the time and the attention and interaction. He liked the hands on nature. I think going back to tactile relationships is quite nice for them’ (Mum)

His mum noted the following changes after attending Brainchild group sessions:

  • There are more tears as he begins to release his emotions more easily.
  • He is more able to talk about sadness and other emotions. There is more response and he may cry.
  • He is writing more steadily and more easily.
  • His handwriting has improved.
  • There is less resistance to doing homework.
  • The layout of his work has improved.
  • Getting thoughts into words and onto the page is easier. That’s the biggest improvement.
  • He just seems to do his homework, and I don’t get involved. He just says, “I’ve done it.”
  • His whole processing, the creating of ideas and the actual writing. That’s got much smoother.
  • He used to vomit easily and often have constipation or diarrhoea. None of these have been evident in the last six months.
  • Balance and co-ordination has improved.
  • His organisation has improved, with no lost property this year. This is a big difference.
  • He has matured, definitely over the last 6 months. He’s been surprising me with the improvements in maturity.

Further reading see Brainchild Impact of Evaluation Report