Overcoming a difficult start – Cerebral Palsy, Learning Difficulties (Boy aged 7)

‘He has improved in all areas’ says his Dad.

This is a true story about a boy aged 7 years old diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Learning Difficulties who has benefited from Brainchild.

The first crucial year

He spent the first year of his life in hospital on a ventilator and parents were constantly being told that he would not survive. Each time he recovered he would become severely ill again. This included infections in the bowel, septicemia, fits, turning blue, uncontrollable fast heart rate and brain bleed, alongside constant problems with breathing and more.

For this first year, he was intubated and lying on his back the majority of the time with limited physical contact and stimulation. His parents cuddled him as much as they could. By one year he was smiling and responding. (He is a delight!)

Just a few of the changes since Brainchild:

  • He is more able to express his emotions and this reduces his frustration.
  • No longer bites or hits out.
  • He is now good at following instructions.
  • His understanding has improved considerably which helps with everything.
  • It’s easier to have a proper conversation with him.
  • Can concentrate on listening much better and understand better.
  • Anger control has improved, with temper tantrums much less frequent.
  • Now able to persevere on the task. He is less impatient.
  • Self harm has reduced. Although he will still occasionally head bang, this is less often.
  • He is much more cooperative.
  • More patient.
  • Keen to read – pointing out the words in books and looking at TV programming.
  • Able to build simple sentences with word cards. All of his reading is taking place at home.• He’s making steady progress with reading and other areas of learning.
  • He is now able to follow the concept of cause and effect and will respond to reasoning more easily.
  • Processing speed has definitely improved.
  • Fine motor control and use of the computer is now quite astonishing. He can fly around the Internet with ease.
  • Balance and coordination have both improved.
  • He can ride a bike with stabilizers and steers well.

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