My Story

“I used to tell Mum that I hated her every night!”

I am 7. My name is Jamie. Before I started BrainChild, Mum said I seemed quite angry inside. I used to tell Mum that I hated her every night. I used to get really jealous of my little brother and mess his dens up. I hit out a lot too. I always wanted to win everything. When Mum went to hug me I flinched and wouldn’t let her touch me.

Mum and I met Viv and she gave us lots of games to do. My favourite was ‘Bugwatch’ because I got to eat chocolate from a string. I didn’t like sensory at first. When Mum did it the first time I said “When you touch me I want to punch you in the nose.” We did the games every day for seven months and now Viv says my body is more balanced and I really relax when I’m given sensory. I did it on Mum once and she fell asleep!

(Jamie, 7)

Jamie’s much softer now and more affectionate. He adapts more easily to change and the last 2 holidays he’s had no problems with transitions. Life’s much easier! I also noticed that his eyes have started sparkling more and he just seems to flow more easily. The most important thing for me is that the bond between us is stronger. Jamie seems stronger on the inside and more able to cope with the world and enjoy life.