Genetic Disorder

Di-George genetic disorder – physical, developmental and learning issues, aged 12.

“Everything just fell into place – a different child!”


Co-ordination improvements were the first to be noticed. Fine motor was difficult prior to BrainChild.

She can now use playstation controls so well she wins every time.

Writing is now clear. She is much easier to talk to. It’s not just answers to questions, you can have a conversation with her.

Confidence, perseverence

She changed schools in September, just before the BrainChild sessions began, but school have noticed increased confidence, improved listening and concentration. What she starts, she completes. She used to get stroppy and give up, wherever she was, ripping it up or throwing it in the bin. Not now.

Less clumsy

She can walk round the house without knocking things over. You used to be able to hear where she was in the house- bumping and crashing and saying “ouch”.

Improvements have been in the following areas:

Handwriting, creativity, memory processes, response to emotional stress, concentrated listening, releasing emotions, posture, shifting weight from one side to the other, crossing the midline, dislike of change, over-dependent attitude to people and things, motor co-ordination, attention deficit, self organization, body organization, mind organization, disoriented behaviour, emotions, understanding new information, fixed legs when running & jumping etc., contact with people (physical & communication), concentration, self esteem, time and space perception, understanding new information.

She does seem a different child – outgoing, confident and happy.