Dyslexia and auditory processing issues

dyslexia and auditory processing issues
Great at sport, struggling in class.

Introduction by Viv Hailwood

A is a determined, delightful 16 year old with a diagnosis of dyslexia and auditory processing issues. She is one of the many young people deprived by Covid-19 of sitting her GCSEs in 2020. Keen to prove her progress, this was a disappointment to her. However, she has now selected her A levels and is keen to move on in her learning journey!

When she came for the assessment her slow auditory processing speed was clear. She had a significant delay in responding to questions and in conversation and often found understanding difficult to grasp at speed. In class, her infant reflex profile affected predominantly processing speed, attention, memory, organisation issues, reading and spelling. Stressed easily and often very tired, she was taking a long time to complete her work. A keen sportswoman, A was experiencing constant injuries, in relation to the impact of other reflexes. Sleeping and eating were also problematic.

Her determination and application could not be faulted. Her parents had been dedicated in looking for help.

Working with Associates.

In 2019, Dieter Gringinger, ophthalmologist, saw A in relation to vision and dyslexia-related issues and when he observed neurodevelopmental problems, referred her to me.   The underlying problem was indeed neuro-developmental and A made good progress over the 7 months with BrainChild, resolving the above mentioned issues and finding life and learning easier. While working with her, I also referred her to Luke Ramsay for cranio-sacral therapy to help resolve headaches and aspects of vision.

She has now completed her program and will continue to improve. (I can say that from experience, but I never suggest that I can solve the problem of a teenager’s messy bedroom!!)

Here is her side of the story….

Released from my limitations.

Dyslexia and auditory processing issues and more!

1st May 2020

When I first started BrainChild, the idea of re-programming the way my brain works and trying to be able to answer a question in class or even understand what the teacher is talking about seemed impossible. But after months of exercises and a bit of determination, the barriers which prevented me from doing all that stuff have gone.

The Challenges I faced

There were many things that challenged me………. but now these things no longer hold me back. Now I am the first to answer a question. By doing these exercises, I have not only challenged myself but my family too!

Practicing BrainChild, I would often find myself doing something silly round the house, whether that be lying on my back and moving around the house like a snake or being a slug! These exercises have really made a difference to my life and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the help and support of Viv. If you are ever presented with an opportunity like this you should take it because it’s 100% worth it!

Mum writes:

I tell every mum and parent or other adult who compliments her on her achievements how it’s all down to believing in Dieter, Viv and Luke with an open mind. She has retrained her brain.

It makes me smile inside and out when I see A being calmer, not stressed, not having meltdowns, headaches, and trying everything. Taking it all in her stride.

Viv, we feel we have all benefitted as a family with your input in our lives.

Thank you.