Communication improvements and more – Classic ASD & CPLD – aged 9 years

Quote from mum from her email:

Thank you for the feedback session last Sunday, it was good to see you again and to discuss the progress Sam has made since starting Brainchild. I felt very proud of him as we drove home that evening, thinking of his achievements.
(Well done parents……..he couldn’t have done it without mum and dad’s help.)

Just a few of the changes:


  • There was nothing verbally, he communicated through gesture. Now he tries to communicate generally, not just essential needs. For example, he will come towards you, looking at you and put his arm around you. He guides us and communicates his needs.
  • Now, he does have words. For example, he may say custard. We can now encourage him to say “I want custard”.
  • His communication has become more meaningful with less repetition of phrases out of context.
  • He is willing to listen to what he’s being asked. If he doesn’t understand immediately he is no longer afraid and so does not react with flapping or hitting himself.
  • Comprehension is much improved. Viv comments…In the re assessment session he followed instructions to go over to my desk and collect an orange pen, and to sit back in the swing, turn over, etc.
  • He was not interested in communication, now he is.
  • He wants to have contact with people and goes for it!

‘Now he smiles a lot and his eyes twinkle as he engages with people and his surroundings’

And the improvements were not just with his communication… more in the Brainchild Evaluation of Impact Report