Autistic Spectrum Disorder, CPLD

Feedback from a group member….

We especially liked the program as it is very interactive and includes many different exercises and activities. They are nearly always fun but at the same time they help to stimulate your child’s physical and mental development.
We also liked working in a small group and how Viv would demonstrate the exercises on a “willing” child or adult before we had a go!
Jack liked sitting on his own special blanket and although not always co-operative, on a lot of occasions he had a good laugh.


Jack was diagnosed with ASD when he was 2 years old and has had a SEN statement since school age. Different professionals have been involved but over recent years there has been no specific support apart from school. At school Jack does access Music therapy and he seems to enjoy this way of learning, if he’s in the right mood!

Introducing BrainChild

Viv came to speak to our local NAS support group. The presentation was very informative.

Viv’s superb background in educating children, combined with her tremendous passion to help our children and their families was exhilarating.
I was so impressed by Viv and the program that I arranged to take Jack to see Viv at her home as I was keen to start working on the program and wasn’t sure when the group would acquire the funding.

Improvements, so far

Physical skills

Jack has become quite adventurous over the last few months and likes climbing and
jumping off, and between rocks.


His communication has improved significantly. This allows us to better understand
Jack and therefore provide a quicker response (not allowing his anxiety levels to rise).
Via the program he has been introduced to new ways of communicating and though
not always willing to participate in the suggested activities he will maybe try something
else instead.

We are over the moon if Jack tries to tell us something even if he uses one word; he is in effect starting a discussion! Jack’s daddy, sister and I have all commented on the improvements in his speech and general self confidence.

We try to keep our language simple but recently we have begun to challenge Jack’s communication in an effort to develop his skills and vocabulary. We ask him questions about his day and leave time for him to answer but at the same time gently persist if he doesn’t say anything. This allows for better understanding and a closer relationship.

Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in the program and thanks to Viv for all your help and support.

Thank you from Jack!