Autism and SLD

Sam’s Story- Genetic disorder, Noonan syndrome

Sam is a great deal calmer!

Sam has a diagnosis of autism with severe learning difficulties and tends to be very vocal, reciting scripts of his favourite videos and laughing very loudly out of context. He tends to do this towards the end of the day and as a way of getting himself to sleep. This can sometimes go on for up to an hour after he has gone to bed before he falls asleep. We have observed since starting the Brainchild program that Sam is a great deal calmer and quieter around bedtime, happy to settle down in bed almost immediately and not needing to vocalise in order to get himself to sleep, particularly if we have done the Brainchild tactile exercises in the evening. Indeed one evening after one session of Brainchild he led me upstairs by the hand and put himself to bed, a first!

A bonus

Having three other children demanding attention it is lovely to have 1:1 time with Sam, both enjoying the Brainchild exercises. Sam is fully engaged, giving great eye contact, laughing and smiling in context and feeling so relaxed. I really feel I am connecting with Sam and he with me.