“I had four nights of unbroken sleep”

Hi Viv. As I explained on Saturday Melissa is making progress.

When we first started doing the exercises within the first week I had four nights of unbroken sleep. Which has never happened in 11 years. This bit has slid a little and she has started waking again. But she isn’t as anxious when she does wake and will sometimes go back down with out any bother.

Last week she went to the local park on her own which is a huge milestone for her. She never goes out alone she is quite fearful of something happening to her. Although I talked with her on her mobile she was still out on her own. She has also started to be a bit more talkative to adults just a little bit if I am there and prompt her. I feel as though these are huge mile stones for her to accomplish in such a short time of doing the activities.

I was quite concerned that I would struggle to get her to do the exercises on a daily basis but she is quite happy and finds them fun.