Asperger’s Syndrome

He can swing!

An update email…..a group member.

Really wanted to update you on progress with the Brainchild program.

We have now had more than half the sessions and very quickly E stopped constantly clicking his fingers, and picking, shredding with his fingers… in other words his fingers are much stiller, which is great, and makes lots of difference.

Last week we went to the park and HE CAN SWING!!! He has never been able to co-ordinate all the movements needed to swing:- legs out, whilst leaning back, legs in when leaning forward, and now he can. Also he could co-ordinate himself to get down the fireman’s pole. He could never work out how to slide his bottom off the platform, wrap his legs around the pole whilst holding on. This means he enjoys the park, and loves the zip wire too. He is much less frustrated as he can do it.

His overall behaviour is calmer, which, as it continues, will help him socially with his peers.