ADHD & Severe Emotional Difficulties age 12 years

“We now have a good bond that was missing before. I could see self esteem growing each week. She has improved emotionally and socially.”

Emotions have always been a huge issue for G. She is starting to handle them better and is more at ease at home. At school, she has lots less ups and downs, although she can become upset in unstructured time, at lunchtime. She has had huge crying sessions then. More improvement at home.

Now willing to try new foods and has put on weight and height – no longer on the 1st centile. Will now drink tap water, rather than a specific bottled water. Still on Ritalin, reduced at weekends and will consult with doctor re gradually coming off over the holiday.

BrainChild has helped me to be able to cuddle and hug and be more at ease with my child. We now have a good bond that was missing before. Tactile work has helped.

The whole family is more at ease. G is asking more questions about all sorts and is more open to talking. Overall she is more stable.