9 year old with a Genetic Disorder, Noonan Syndrome

I’ve a house full of children and S is really blooming. (This time last year all he could do was scream).

Emma’s email update:


I thought you would be interested in my list ‘What we can do because of Viv’:

  • I understand S a lot more.
  • He and I really enjoy the nightly sensory routine.
  • On Friday (2 May) Mrs A nominated him for the headteacher’s award for being so alert, motivated and ‘bright’ (he is usually tired and in a world of his own)
  • S can climb up and over a five-bar gate.
  • He can use the zip-wire all by himself (including collecting and climbing onto the seat).
  • Also lift his head up from the floor by himself.
  • S has less screaming ‘tantrums’.

bye for now, Emma’

The next email update…

Thank you again for all your help with S. It’s amazing how restorative, bonding, calming and positive your work with us is. If nothing else I feel more confident as a parent in dealing with him.

I am sure other parents have said this to you; it is such a relief to have your input and to find someone who can help share in the work of ‘working’ S out! And, strange thing this morning and a first, S decided he wanted to write a story. So he got a piece of paper, drew himself some lines and copied out the first few sentences from ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’ and then threw in a sentence of his own! Now where did that come from?

We are doing all his BrainChild exercises daily and he is on better form when he’s done them. He’s tiring as we move towards the end of term, but outbursts are more manageable. He did some phenomenal handwriting homework on Sunday under his own steam!

and another…

I don’t know what you’ve done to our son, but S can’t stop writing and creating (all self-motivated and organised). I have never seen such prolific writing in our house! He was at it this morning at 5am (put back to bed and started at 6am) and has come home from school to do the same again!
……and he is winning teacher and headteacher awards at school……
and half way through the summer holidays…I’ve a house full of children and S is really blooming (this time last year all he could do was scream).