Who can benefit ?

Access for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

With the creation of EBO for Schools, we have now fulfilled our mission to extend availability of our programs to many more children.


Mainstream schools

Whole class

EBO is designed for whole-class, or group use in primary schools. It benefits all children, but particularly those with  developmental diagnoses such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia.  They engage with the storyline and identify with the characters and the energetic activities. These, in turn, enhance their learning capability and general development and enrich their whole life.

Nurture groups

Our schools have also used the program very successfully with nurture groups and children with identified special needs. In the early weeks, they find that the children develop a more focussed approach to learning and show increased ability to follow instructions and routines. They gain in confidence and develop social skills. Attendance and punctuality issues become a thing of the past.

In the video below Catherine talks about the progress her EBO club made in the early stages, despite the Covid 19 disruptions.

Specialist schools

Using EBO, specialist schools have seen major positive changes, such as:

  • their non-verbal children spontaneously beginning to communicate, follow instructions and responding appropriately.
  • reductions in reactive behaviour, aggression, meltdowns and withdrawal.
  • physical skills development
  • social interaction and cooperation
  • organisation improvements


EBO can help maturation of the whole child, making everything easier to cope with, once they have a firm foundation for future learning and life.

EBO for Schools can help you to help your children.

For more information:

View Phoebe speaking about early outcomes from the use of EBO for Schools.


Neurodiverse conditions are developmental. They relate to early life in utero and at birth, but the diagnoses are often made in childhood and adolescence. Examples of neurodiverse conditions are ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, and Tourette’s syndrome to name a few. They all relate to the way a child’s brain is functioning. This also applies to a child with Cerebral Palsy, hearing loss or vision issues, although they usually will have some injury also.

The incidence of the diagnoses is steadily increasing. These children can benefit from our neurodevelopmental programs that give their brain a second chance.

Also many more children without a diagnosis struggle with:

  • learning to read, write, listen
  • starting an activity
  • slow processing speed
  • short attention-span
  • being still, maintaining a focus
  • relating to others, co-operating or communicating socially
  • controlling a reaction to frustration and anxiety, seen as avoidance behaviour, refusal, meltdown, controlling behaviour,  aggression or withdrawal?
  • social interaction, balance and coordination, teamwork, friendships, anxiety, sensory issues
  • and almost always ….. self esteem.

These challenges are just some of the features of an immature brain and there are many more. In fact all aspects of a child’s development can be affected.

EBO for Schools allows the foundation stage of a child’s neurodevelopment to have a second chance.

EBO can benefit all children, through the physical exercise, collaboration and “fine tuning”. But it particularly targets those struggling with  aspects of  learning and life, especially those children whose early life experiences have impacted on their  neurodevelopment. For example:

  • in utero (maternal diet, drugs, alcohol, medical conditions, obesity, trauma and stress levels.)
  • relating to birth, including prematurity, C-section, breech, assisted or fast birth or hypoxia (oxygen deprivation)
  • early adverse childhood experiences, particularly neglect and abuse.
  • at risk – looked after and adopted children

It releases reflex limitations from babyhood to enable improved processing efficiency for a child.

Our expertise lies in enabling children with challenges to life and learning to overcome developmental disadvantages from their early life.

So we have created EBO for Schools.…for them.


We believe:

Enjoyment = effective learning = positive change

So it had to be entertaining!