What is EBO?

EBO works at the foundation level of brain development. Children with autism, ADHD & dyslexia, for example, find life and learning becomes easier.

EBO is a progressive program that looks like play but can create positive lifelong change.  Suitable not only for those with neurodevelopmental diagnoses, but also for children with no formal diagnosis who are struggling with aspects of learning and life. Initially designed for primary-aged children, it has been used with older children.

It’s a program of highly specific, energetic and sensory activities that tackle their challenges, by addressing the underlying neurodevelopment problems. This not only improves the child’s physical coordination, balance, and team-related skills, but, crucially, also helps their ability to learn, manage behaviour, interact, and establish well-being.


Highly visual,  EBO  uses a motivating on-line video-game style presentation. Activities are taught through visual demonstration by the characters in the story, ideal for children who are visual learners or have language or auditory challenges.

Children are engaged in an exciting story line via a sequence of short game-style videos, leading them to sets of physical activities, as they become part of the developing game scenario.

Because the program focusses on neurodevelopmental change, it is not a quick fix. These energetic and fun activities are specifically designed to address the developmental issues outlined above, through short daily sessions, delivered over a minimum of two terms. Little and often is key for neurological change.

Many activities are carried out in a team or partner structure and teachers are involved in scoring team progress, in real-time and awarding virtual medals. (Like a video game.)

Teachers report that the children can’t wait to take part. The characters become their inspiration!

Children and teachers love it! But it’s much more than just energetic and fun. It’s preparing each child for their future success.

PE and Sport Premium

If you are looking for something new to fulfil the requirements of the PE and Sport Premium for your primary aged pupils and to fully engage them at an appropriate developmental level, we are pleased to tell you that the physically active EBO for Schools program  fulfils the requirements for this funding.

The bonus is that it is an energetic program that not only provides neuro-developmental changes that enhance physical abilities, but is primarily designed to benefit the children’s learning, behaviour and well-being!

So it’s applicable to the requirements of Pupil Premium funding too.

It’s about helping the whole child to thrive.

Y5 teacher in an area of high deprivation:

This has been great for my class.”

EBO seemed a good opportunity for everyone to be ‘good’ at something and make progress. An activity we could all start together and work as a team on – outside the academic curriculum, but to support our learning.

Enjoying a classroom activity