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‘Its improved all our lives’

‘I think every special need child should be able to have the chance of a Brain Child program.’ The sessions on a one to one were the best for my child . He loves doing the exercises and wont let me forget tactile before bed its now his routine … Before Brain Child he was ticking along, […]

Self awareness – Dyslexia , Dyscalcula, Asperger’s Syndrome

A message from a Brainchild group member….N N has noticed that it is now easier to stop her fingers fiddling when she is imagining things. She volunteered to try peas, onion bhaji, French cheeses and blue cheese and likes them all, except peas. She likes the BrainChild sessions – especially making friends, tactile and massage […]

Social development – Teenage Asperger’s Syndrome (achieving well in school, particularly science.)

 ‘I am much happier about his long-term future‘ – Mum This boy was aged 15 years when he started the Brainchild group program and although he was achieving well in school, particularly science, he had some key issues that his Mum felt would hold him back. These were: Social isolation, inappropriate behaviour, high anxiety levels, […]

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