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Aware of the world – ASD and CPLD (age 10)

   “At first I didn’t realize the impact that the infant reflexes have on a child’s development and that you can get improvements in so many areas of their life by doing the specific exercises. It’s a holistic approach, which is what parents and carers need.” – Mum This boy, aged 10 years, has a diagnosis of […]

Self awareness – Dyslexia , Dyscalcula, Asperger’s Syndrome

A message from a Brainchild group member….N N has noticed that it is now easier to stop her fingers fiddling when she is imagining things. She volunteered to try peas, onion bhaji, French cheeses and blue cheese and likes them all, except peas. She likes the BrainChild sessions – especially making friends, tactile and massage […]

Communication increases social interaction – Kabuki Syndrome, SLD and Spina Bifida – aged 13 years

‘The main thing is the mixing with her peers now, not aggravating them. She knows how to mix and has good attention. She is a real comedian and likes a good giggle.’ – Mum Just a few of the changes since Brainchild: • Speech and communication has got better. • At the annual review at school, […]

No diagnosis. Many issues.

He hated writing and would do anything (anything!) to avoid having to do any. M was almost 11 years old when he began BrainChild. Life before BrainChild. M was a very clumsy child with poor fine motor control. He hated writing and would do anything (anything!) to avoid having to do any. What he did […]

Autistic Spectrum Disorder, CPLD

Jack’s communication has improved significantly. A group member…. We especially liked the programme as it is very interactive and includes many different exercises and activities. They are nearly always fun but at the same time they help to stimulate your child’s physical and mental development. We also liked working in a small group and how […]

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

I just wish it was available to every child. Amy wrote this about her son, J, who has a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. He later took part in a grant funded BrainChild Programme, aged 6 years. Background ‘J’ attended Nursery part-time from 7 months old. When ‘J’ was just over 2 years the carers pointed […]

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