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‘Its improved all our lives’

‘I think every special need child should be able to have the chance of a Brain Child program.’ The sessions on a one to one were the best for my child . He loves doing the exercises and wont let me forget tactile before bed its now his routine … Before Brain Child he was ticking along, […]

Struggling with schoolwork and more….ASD, CLD (9 years old)

‘Probably the most noticeable improvement has been in his schoolwork. It’s excellent! Such a big improvement. It’s really good! He thinks it’s really good!’ – Mum His mum talks about the impact of Brainchild on her son. • He didn’t use to be able to verbalize feelings. We didn’t know what the problem was. Now we […]

Aware of the world – ASD and CPLD (age 10)

   “At first I didn’t realize the impact that the infant reflexes have on a child’s development and that you can get improvements in so many areas of their life by doing the specific exercises. It’s a holistic approach, which is what parents and carers need.” – Mum This boy, aged 10 years, has a diagnosis of […]

Communication improvements and more – Classic ASD & CPLD – aged 9 years

Quote from mum from her email: Thank you for the feedback session last Sunday, it was good to see you again and to discuss the progress Sam has made since starting Brainchild. I felt very proud of him as we drove home that evening, thinking of his achievements. (Well done parents……..he couldn’t have done it […]

Autistic Spectrum Disorder, CPLD

Jack’s communication has improved significantly. A group member…. We especially liked the programme as it is very interactive and includes many different exercises and activities. They are nearly always fun but at the same time they help to stimulate your child’s physical and mental development. We also liked working in a small group and how […]

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