What is EBO for Schools?

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Enhancing Brain Organisation

This  program tackles the underlying neuro-developmental issues that make life and learning difficult for children who learn differently. Motivated by the exciting on-line video-game style presentation, they can’t wait to start the energetic  activities.


Not only can EBO  improve the child’s physical co-ordination, balance and team-related skills, but can also help learning, behaviour and well-being. It’s a neuro-developmental program  for children with developmental disorders and  children who have no diagnosis but struggle with any, or all, aspects of brain function.

Grounded in established neuroscience, child development and movement knowledge,   it draws on a wealth of experience in therapy and education.

EBO uses short, streamed videos to introduce the  activities,  taught through visual demonstration by the characters, ideal for children who are visual learners or have language or auditory challenges. They become part of the storyline!

(Phoebe video clip re …the characters are asking them to do it.)

Highly visual, the children are engaged in an exciting story line via a sequence of short game-style videos, leading them to sets of physical activities, as they become part of the developing game scenario. These energetic and fun activities are specifically designed to address the developmental issues outlined above, through short daily sessions, delivered over a minimum of two terms.

Many activities are carried out in a team structure and teachers are actively involved, including scoring team progress, in real-time and awarding virtual medals.

Children and teachers love it! But it’s much more than just energetic and fun. It’s preparing each child for their future success.