Home educated

I feel I’m getting to know the real him

J is home educated. He was 9 years old when he joined a gr oup for BrainChild sessions. Mum wrote…

Here’s a list of the main changes we’ve noticed:

  • He always walked into things and hurt himself. He was always falling over. – It doesn’t happen now.
  • Concentration has improved.
  • Co-ordination has improved.
  • Improved creativity.
  • More feedback on his learning. He was a very private learner. Now he is opening up about what he is learning and talking about it.
  • He wants to make things. He always had everything available but no interest…he would swing a hammer aimlessly. Now he organizes himself to use the tools appropriately. He made a bivvi shelter and slept in it.
  • He has become more purposeful.
  • He wrote an A 4 page story which was unheard of! Great resistance to writing before. Now he says he would like to write a book one day.
  • An avid reader – now he gives feedback from what he has read. He pointed out all the Swallows and Amazons haunts when visiting Coniston.
  • He now has meaningful and appropriate output and I can discuss things with him. Before, this was impossible.
I feel I’m getting to know the real him. I didn’t know what made him tick. Now he’s coming out.


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