Developmental Dyspraxia

Developmental Dyspraxia

If your child has received this diagnosis you will be aware of the range of difficulties associated with the name. It is not just about co-ordination.

As your child gets older, the differences in physical abilities and processing will become more obvious both to you and your child. One of the unfortunate tendencies that we often see is that the child becomes an expert at avoidance, whether it is by stealth, or refusal because of a fear of failure, or somewhere in between. This can result in less practice and reduced learning time when compared with peers and a further tendency to “fall behind.” It can gradually turn into misbehaviour or becoming “the class clown”. Early intervention is advised.

A major aim with all our families is to boost self-confidence and inspire success. This is often a vital ingredient when dyspraxia is the diagnosis.

Our program is designed to take small steps towards each goal. It makes it achievable.

Physical skills often improve first. (We can’t promise that your child will play rugby for England, even though one of our successes does!)

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