Communication development – age 6 years

Viv begins the story…..

Kieran was 6 years old when he first came to see me. He used a handful of words and most were his own.   BUS was his favourite.

His limited communication was only one area of concern. There were many others.

His diagnosis is ASD with learning difficulties and he attended a specialist school. The family worked with dedication, spurred on by his steady progress with communication.

An email update from parents:

Communication: This area continues to improve and Kieran is doing really well with his verbal and non-verbal communication. We stopped keeping track of his individual words some months ago and he has also lost many of his made up words, some of which were very quirky!

His receptive language appears to be very good as well.

He will often “joke” and ask for unusual things such as the “cinema” or “party” but he knows and understands what is and what is not possible, especially when it’s dark!

There is a lot to catch up on still but he is making good and steady progress and he seems to enjoy using his voice, which is fantastic!

Next email update

Communication continues to go from strength to strength. Kieran is doing really well with his verbal and non-verbal communication. He is now rarely frustrated by not being able to communicate.  

There is a long way to go still, especially around spontaneous communication but he has really come such a long way in the last year. He continues to enjoy singing and has a couple of nice party pieces which he is happy to share with friends and family members..

Kieran’s parents were very dedicated. Each set of activities took a long time but they persevered.

Just a few of the other improvements that the family celebrated…..

  • No incidents of him throwing, hitting or breaking anything.
  • Everything continues to go really well at school with positive reports every day now!
  • Real progress in turn-taking play in recent months.
  • He is calm, happy and has an understanding about social behaviours.
  • He has stopped running away!

Just under one year from the assessment he read to me with enjoyment, telling me about the story and answering questions. Brilliant!