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Dyspraxia & Dyslexia – Remarkable improvements

This 7 year old boy was diagnosed with Dyspraxia and Dyslexia.  His mum writes about the remarkable improvements after a group Brainchild Program. ‘He has more stamina and has motivation to be active.  He now rides a bike and can complete a 10 mile ride without giving up. All physical activities are easier and better. His movements […]

Struggling with schoolwork and more….ASD, CLD (9 years old)

‘Probably the most noticeable improvement has been in his schoolwork. It’s excellent! Such a big improvement. It’s really good! He thinks it’s really good!’ – Mum His mum talks about the impact of Brainchild on her son. • He didn’t use to be able to verbalize feelings. We didn’t know what the problem was. Now we […]

Self awareness – Dyslexia , Dyscalcula, Asperger’s Syndrome

A message from a Brainchild group member….N N has noticed that it is now easier to stop her fingers fiddling when she is imagining things. She volunteered to try peas, onion bhaji, French cheeses and blue cheese and likes them all, except peas. She likes the BrainChild sessions – especially making friends, tactile and massage […]

No diagnosis. Many issues.

He hated writing and would do anything (anything!) to avoid having to do any. M was almost 11 years old when he began BrainChild. Life before BrainChild. M was a very clumsy child with poor fine motor control. He hated writing and would do anything (anything!) to avoid having to do any. What he did […]

9 year old with a Genetic Disorder, Noonan Syndrome

I’ve a house full of children and S is really blooming (this time last year all he could do was scream). Hi, I thought you would be interested in my list ‘what we can do because of Viv’: • I understand S a lot more. • He and I really enjoy the nightly tactile routine. […]

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