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Drop in anxiety levels – Aspergers

‘Our relationship was not in a good place……… now the whole family is much happier. The changes in C have made a big difference to us all. C smiles a lot more now…and I smile a lot more’ – Mum  Viv Hailwood begins this story………. ‘When C (aged 12) arrived for the initial assessment she refused […]

Social development – Teenage Asperger’s Syndrome (achieving well in school, particularly science.)

 ‘I am much happier about his long-term future‘ – Mum This boy was aged 15 years when he started the Brainchild group program and although he was achieving well in school, particularly science, he had some key issues that his Mum felt would hold him back. These were: Social isolation, inappropriate behaviour, high anxiety levels, […]

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

I just wish it was available to every child. Amy wrote this about her son, J, who has a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. He later took part in a grant funded BrainChild Programme, aged 6 years. Background ‘J’ attended Nursery part-time from 7 months old. When ‘J’ was just over 2 years the carers pointed […]

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