ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning & Behaviour

It’s always good to celebrate improvements.
The list may be short, but the positive impact on this boy and his  family was great.
Changes noted by mum of this 12 year old boy. ‘Tantrums’ and refusals had been frequent and severe.


  • R has coped with secondary school much better than I could have hoped.
  • School have reported that memory skills have improved.
  • He is now willing to attempt to write and coming on in leaps and bounds.
  • Improved balance-his running was all over the place- now much more controlled.
  • Huge improvement with concentration.
  • He has only had two major tantrums, since starting the sessions.
  • Communication is better. He can explain things.
  • The frustration has gone now he can talk it through.
  • He doesn’t lash out any more.