Aware of the world – ASD and CPLD (age 10)


 “At first I didn’t realize the impact that the infant reflexes have on a child’s development and that you can get improvements in so many areas of their life by doing the specific exercises. It’s a holistic approach, which is what parents and carers need.” – Mum

This boy, aged 10 years, has a diagnosis of ASD and CPLD. His key issues at the start of the program were:

• Obsession with the same films (DVDs and videos)

• Sleeping in mum’s bed at night.

• Aggression when he doesn’t get his own way or if anyone says the word no.

• His whole situation and personality.

His mother wrote about the changes for us………

• He is now motivated to learn. This makes a big difference.

• At school and at home he wants to read a book, pointing to words, using flashcards to make sentences and has started reading the Oxford Reading Tree books.

• He is much calmer, less emotional, less hyperactive, with more appropriate behaviour.

• He is no longer afraid of heights. He enjoys walking along a wall now. He likes jumping off rocks or off a wall. He is able to manage limestone pavements and will play follow the leader and be more adventurous. He will even try climbing trees.

• He no longer holds his breath.

• He no longer becomes fatigued. He used to complain of being tired and want to lie down or sit.

• He is no longer toe walking.

• He will now approach people to communicate. He is less likely to isolate himself and escape into his own world.

• School have reported that he is less easily distracted in the classroom. He can direct his
attention for up to 20 minutes now. He is involved in more productions and activities etc.

• He seems more aware of the world around him and is noticing more.

Further reading see Brainchild Impact of Evaluation Report

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