• Viv Hailwood: Founder of The BrainChild Developmental Program, EBO for Schools


  • Lou Hufton: BrainChild Neuro- developmental practitioner, Dyslexia assessor
  • Nina Walkingshaw: Chartered Physiotherapist, Occupational Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor
  • Dieter Gringinger: Optometrist
  • Diana Crewdson:  Auditory processing specialist, Speech and language therapist, Dyslexia assessor
  • Sue Watson: Chartered Physiotherapist, Bio-dynamic Cranio-sacral therapist
  • Madi Dodd: Chartered Physiotherapist, Buteyko Practitioner, Reflexologist


  • Gillon Hailwood: Technical Creator,  Video game developer, Media and Technical designer, music, sound, voiceover.
  •  Maisie and Theo Hailwood: Voiceover.
  • Barnaby, Beau, Esme, Sadie Walkingshaw, Models.
  • Ernie Hailwood: P.A. Proof reader. Excellent chef for course lunches and ready to help with everything else!