So you ask….. “Why can’t my child stay still?” Why are they so impulsive?

Looking for a natural approach to helping your child? Let our active program give your child’s neuro-development a second chance. Make it possible to control impulsivity and improve attention. Release your child from these limitations.

ADD and ADHD diagnoses are really descriptive labels and relate to the main features of the developmental disorders. Children  can show differing degrees of inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity and sleep regulation. As with many of these developmental disorders, there are likely to be additional issues that also relate to persisting reflexes from babyhood. Because our developmental program is designed to work on the key infant reflexes, it covers all the extra issues too.

Also, some children may have some of these issues without a full diagnosis. Their behaviour can disrupt their learning, their friendships and place a strain on family life. All of this is outside their conscious control. If you are reading this page, you probably know all about it!

How can we help?

Two examples of persisting infant reflexes that affect attention, and the ability to be still, are the spinal reflexes. The birth process is a main influence. This includes C section delivery, assisted and fast births. Our program is designed to integrate these infant reflexes, thus easing the problems. In addition, we work on habitual and management issues to help the family and child adjust.

The Brainchild Developmental Program is designed to address the underlying cause……………..not just control the symptoms.

Medication can be one way of controlling symptoms, such as inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. If your child is on medication and you are considering following The Brainchild Developmental Program, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how this can be managed for your child in consultation with your doctor.

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